MareVital at Hotel Zugspitze

Welcome to your hosts, the Hotel Zugspitze and the MareVital Institute.

Since 2008 already, beautician & alternative practitioner Adina Zura in Garmisch-Partenkirchen offers you various applications around the areas of cosmetics, wellness and health. With renowned cosmetic companies we can offer effective treatments, in-depth active cosmetics and relaxing wellness treatments.

Conveniently book your desired treatment in advance and thus secure your personal time-out.

Of course, you can also get individual advice personally on site.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Sincerely yours,

Yours, Adina Zura
(beautician & alternative practitioner)

Business Hours:

Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So
Kosmetik 9 - 18 9 - 18 9 -18 9 - 18 9 - 18 9 - 18 Geschlossen
Massagen 13 - 18 13 - 18 9 - 18 13 - 18 9 - 18 9 - 18 Geschlossen


Your institute around cosmetics, wellness, health, well-being and relaxation! 

A perfect teint just as well as well cared for hands and feet are in this day and age the flagship of every woman and also more and more of every man. They are the basis for health, quality of life and well-being.

With Klapp-Cosmetics we offer you not only innovative treatments with highly effective active ingredients, but also holistic and medical-oriented care, so that your skin remains healthy and beautiful for a long time.

'Body Treatments

The “art of touch”, as massage is also called, is one of the forms of treatment that can restore strength and vitality to the person. The main purpose is to preserve and / or restore the harmony of the organism through regulating techniques of touch.


“Relaxing in a weightless state”.

A highly effective full-body application, plus soothing warmth, subdued light, and nourishing oils or creams, herbs, seaweed, flowers or leaves that act on the skin.



Wir akzeptieren EC und Kreditkarte, die MWST. von 19% ist im Preis enthalten.

Stornierung für Hotelgäste und Externe Gäste:

Bei Terminabsage am Behandlungstag bis 2 Stunden vor der Behandlung sind 50% des Kaufpreises zu bezahlen.
Bei Terminabsage 2 Stunden oder kürzer vor der Behandlung sind 100% des Kaufpreises zu bezahlen.