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Our opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 10:00-13:00h and 14:00-19:00h, upon request, you can book times outside of the regular hours.

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VINOBLE “Classic” for her and him 60 min. 69,00 €
A fresh complexion in no time at all! Quality grape extracts gained from the skin and the vine protect and smooth your skin. Grape and walnut seeds ensure a soft peeling and based on your specific skin needs will provide a refreshed facial complexion.

VINOBLE “Selection” 90 min. 99,00 €
The treatment for a radiant skin! Mask and serums are made to match your skin type. They give you brilliance and an intensive care. The integrated eye treatment smoothes any fine lines and gives you a radiance and freshness. Place your emphasis on relaxation, moisture, balance and radiance and let yourself be pampered.

VIOBLE “Deluxe” 120 min. 129,00 €
Anti-aging has never felt more luxurious! During this treatment, you will experience tranquility and balance. We start with a back effleurage using selected oils. During the eye and luxury face treatment, you will feel totally relaxed. A cocktail of appula made especially for your skin type will remove any wrinkles and you skin will feel firm again. A cooling facial mask finishes concludes the process that will leave you with a recognizable change in complexion.

REVIDERM Classic 70 min. 79,00 €
With this treatment, you will experience the effects of a combination of intensive agents as well as the regeneration of body cells through micro-derma abrasions. You will discover a new physical feeling of youth and relaxation that you can see. You will also notice that any wrinkles become minimized.

REVIDERM Cell Regeneration + Hydrolage (Collage fleece) 90 min. 99,00 €
This intensive treatment enhances cell activities. The products are adapted especially to match your skin structure. Intensive agents are activated in your skin cells through a micro-circulation method. Cell metabolism is triggered as well. Hydrolage replenishes the moisture depots of the cells.

REVIDERM Argi-Syn Treatment + Hydrolage (Collage fleece) 120 min. 129,00 €
This treatment combines a maximum dosage of anti-age peptides to create a highly effective application for a younger, fresher look. Following the motto “lotions instead of injections!” Facial features are relaxed and any wrinkles become minimized.

REVIDERM Classic 60 min. 69,00 €
The goal of the REVIDERM Classic treatment is the activation of mature and tired skin. Experience the power of “pure” derma-cosmetic products.

REVIDERM Men 50 min. 59,00 €
A special treatment for men. Experience a balanced and relaxing facial treatment. High quality products will bring new energy to your skin.

REVIDERM Eye – Intensive treatment 30 min. 39,00 €
Firms up the sensitive skin around your eyes. AN eye massage gives you relaxation and peace.

REVIDERM Cellurcur for acne therapy 60 min. 69,00 €
Essential for the treatment of acne. The micro-derma abrasions in combination with the Cellurcur product line provide a good result in the treatment of acne. Acrokeratosis, or hornification, are comprehensively removed through micro-derma abrasions and intensive agents.
REVIDERM Couperose Therapy and micro-derma abrasions 60 min. 69,00€
Depending on the degree of skin inflammation, this treatment is designed as a complementary care for category 0 and category 1 and for the prevention of the tendency of instable vessels. The phase-oriented treatments can be adapted to fit individual needs: flush, stagnate erythema and teleangiectasis are treated as well as papule and pustule that are in their inflammation phases.

Treatments are discussed and then done based on the individual skin conditions.

VINOBLE Structure 45 min. 59,00 €
Essence wet pack with Viniferin
This slim-line wet pack will have immediate effects! The special grape element Viniferin stimulates the lipolysis and blood circulation. The special pack method enhances the effects, tightens the skin, and purges the tissues. The power treatment to reach your desired garment size is an ideal spa experience.

VINOBLE Cleansing 30 min. 39,00 €
Total body peeling based on salts and grape seeds
A purging peel treatment using grape seeds and Austrian crystal salts. The purged outer skin will then take in high quality unsaturated fatty acids of the cold-pressed grape seed oil. Gives you a soft and smooth skin.

VINOBLE Balance 60 min. 69,00 €
Peeling and grape seed pouch massage
The first step is a pampering salt and grape seed peeling followed by an exclusive massage using a grape seed pouch.

VIOBLE Pack 40 min. 49,00 €
Body pack on a soft-pack recliner

Foundation Pack
This lotion pack provides intensive treatment that is also good for very dry skin. The intensive base body pack is ideal in supporting a base spa. The acidic base household becomes balanced again.

Detox Pack
Care and forming in a single pack. Grape extracts relieve the cell structures, activate fat burning, and create a firm, harmonious, skin profile. Lose centimeters and gain a beautiful skin profile.

Veniferin Pack
Grape extracts relieve the cell structure, activate fat burning, and create a firm, harmonious, skin profile. This pack supports the detoxification of the body and activates the lipolysis in the fat cells.

Experience total relaxation of body and soul.

Foot and leg massage with footbath
25 min. 35,00€

Back massage
20 min. 33,00€

Partial body massage
35 min. 45,00€

Full body massage
50 min. 63,00€

Werdenfels Stone Massage | 80 min. | 89,00€
The meaning of this massage goes back to the time of the American Indians. An intensive relaxation was achieved with this method. You will experience this deep relaxation in a wonderful way. The energy creating basalt stones act to give you a balance, soothing, and relaxation, all at the same time.

Herb Pad Massage | 60 min. | 75,00€
This wonderful body massage uses a warm and aromatic herb pad. By swapping the pads during treatment, the repair mechanisms in the body are activated. The results are cell rejuvenation and revitalization.

Energy Massage | 70 min. | 79,00€
The energy massage lets you experience reunion of the energy flows in your body. Gentle massage techniques unlock any blockages. The deep relaxation massage is very recuperative for the nervous and stressed.

Ayurveda Massages
Use selected herb oils

Abhyanga full-body massage
75 min. 99,00 €

Upanahasveda back massage
50 min. 69,00 €
Includes a coating of herbs

Padabhyanga foot and leg massage
50 min. 65,00 €
Includes a herb and salt peeling

Body Packs
Experienced on a soft-pack recliner (Waterbed)
Treasure of the deep sea

We recommend! 15 min. | 25,00€
Prior to any pack, a grape seed peeling for your body. Any lose cells or dander are easily removed. This enhances your body’s capability to absorb elements of the following treatments

Seaweed body-pack 40 min. 39,00 €
This pure seaweed pack contains minerals and micronutrients. This pack initiates a mild purge along with a rejuvenation.

Night candle lotions pack 40 min. 42,00 €
This pack counteracts the aging process of the skin. Cell reactivation and rejuvenation are initiated while at the same time, a replenishing the body oils and moisture characteristics.

Hamam treatment “Aladdin”; the fascination of 1001 Nights

Combined with a massage using aroma oils
60 min. 69,00 €

Combined with a full-body massage using aroma oils
80 min. 89,00 €

Hamam soap foam massage with sisal peeling and coconut oil papaya
55 min. 70,00€

An old Hamam lore says:
“With each bursting soap bubble, another worry vanishes”

Sugaring is the latest trend and uses a sugar paste to remove body hairs. Forget shaving or waxing and enjoy this new treatment.

Armpits 15 Min. | 19,00 €
Both arms 20 Min. | 29,00 €
Legs, total 60 min. | 59,00 €
Bikini zone 15 Min. | 19,00 €
Intimate zone 30 Min. | 35,00 €

Armpits 15 Min. | 19,00 €
Both arms 60 Min. | 59,00 €
Back 50 Min. | 59,00 €
Chest regtion 40 Min. | 49,00 €

60 Min. | 69,00 €

This treatment pampers you with:

• Foot, or hand bath,
• Peeling for feet or hands,
• Manicure or pedicure,
• Anti-aging lotion pack and paraffin wax pack
• Foot or hand massage

Single Treatments

Nail polish
15 min. | 15,00€

Eye lash toning
15 min. | 15,00€

Eye brow toning
10 min. | 8,00€

Child and Teen beauty

For these age groups, we only use natural products
Facial treatment
30 min. | 35,00€

Manicure and polish (on request)
15 min. | 19,00€

Chocolate pack
30 min. | 39,00€

Leg, or back massage 30 min. 39,00€

We accept EC and credit cards. The VAT of 19% is included in the price.

Cancellations by hotel guests and walk-ins:
Cancellations on the day of appointment up to 2 hours before appointment are charged with 50% of the price.
Cancellations 2 hours or shorter before the appointment are charged with 100% of the price.