I come from Singapore, where I first saw t’ai chi. I have intensively studied Yang-style t’ai chi ch’uan since 2001.

ddqtCorina-RicciI am a trained instructor; my qualifications have been recognised by the German qigong and t’ai chi association (Deutscher Dachverband für Qigong und Taijiquan, DDQT). I am qualified to teach qigong as well as t’ai chi, as these are closely related to each other. I am a member of the American Qigong Institute and can therefore also hold t’ai chi lessons in English.

The health authorities of a range of countries recognise the therapeutic value of t’ai chi as confirmed by scientific findings. I would like to bring t’ai chi in line with the challenges of the time we live in, thereby encouraging people to realise how an ancient Chinese tradition that is thousands of years old can be transferred to the present and how it can still provide utmost relaxation.
Corina Ricci

What is T’ai Chi?

T’ai chi is an ancient Chinese cultural tradition that combines the health benefits of exercise and meditation with a martial art form. The flowing movements are performed in harmony with the breathing rhythm, perfectly effortless. These natural movements improve the circulation, which in turn sharpens the senses. T’ai chi can be practised at any age.

The focus is on holistic health. Body and mind connect to achieve an even balance. T’ai chi teaches you to relax and generally a lot about yourself. It increases the ability to concentrate and the stamina; it leads to inner calm and to feeling more balanced.

T’ai chi is a life philosophy that also has practical aspects.
All you need to integrate the exercises in your daily routine is a little bit of space and time.

Free t’ai chi taster lessons for anyone booked into the Hotel Zugspitze:
Tuesdays 9:30
Thursdays 18:00
Group lesson (3+ people) € 15 per person
Individual lesson € 45 per person

Additional sessions by appointment

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