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Monday – Saturday from 10:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 18:00,
by appointment you can also have appointments outside our opening hours.

The product series "VINOBLE" from southern Styria uses only natural active ingredients from the grape and the elderberry for its products.
Currently, three collections with more than sixty products for face and body are offered, which are used in selected SPA hotels as well as medical spas throughout Europe. Vinoble Cosmetics won the European Health & Spa Award in 2009 with the treatments "Vinoble radiant" and "Vinoble balance". In 2012, Vinoble Cosmetics was nominated for the Spa Diamond Award. All products are manufactured in its own manufactory, such as the Sauvignon Serum. This is a moisturizing serum with grape seed extract. This active ingredient protects the skin against free radicals. The active power from the grape thus reaches its full potential.

VINOBLE "Classic" for him and her
60 Min. | 69,00 €
Fresh complexion in no time! Valuable grape seed extracts from the skin and vine protect and smooth your skin. Round molecular grape and walnut seeds gently exfoliate and the mask, tailored to your skin needs, instantly refreshes.

VINOBLE „Selection“
90 Min. | 99,00 €
The care experience for radiantly beautiful skin! Masks and serums are individually tailored to your skin type, provide luminosity and intensive care. The integrated eye treatment smoothes fine lines and
gives you new energy and freshness. Set your focus on relaxation, moisture, balance and radiance and let yourself be pampered.

VINOBLE „Vino Deluxe“
120 Min. | 129,00 €
Anti-aging has never felt so luxurious! In this high performance treatment you will experience tranquility and balance. We begin with a back effleurage with select oils. You will totally relax during an eye treatment and luxury facial massage. An ampoule cocktail tailored to your skin that erases wrinkles and intensely tightens your skin. A cooling modeling mask concludes the treatment, which shows a visible skin result.

REVIDERM - Power of beauty
Medical skin care, active cosmetics and microdermabrasion - REVIDERM's products and treatment methods are based on the latest results of research in medicine and cosmetics.
REVIDERM products combine innovative combinations of active ingredients, high efficiency and excellent skin tolerance in one. This is only possible because the products as well as the treatment methods are subject to constant testing. This ensures that the latest research findings are rapidly implemented and passed on to our customers.
The REVIDERM system is characterized by its upscale positioning and dermo-cosmetic orientation and is composed of individual components: Microdermabrasion with the REVIDERM SkinPeeler, dermo-cosmetic products of the REVIDERM and Cellukur brands, and dermo-cosmetic treatment options.
REVIDERM can only be found where cosmetic treatments are carried out under professional guidance, as they are individually adapted to the care needs of your skin. The high quality and above-average effectiveness convince and distinguish us. REVIDERM cosmetics do not treat the symptoms, but address the causes. This is how convincing results are achieved, especially in the long term.

Results with microdermabrasion
- Skin tightening
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
- Eliminates unevenness and pigmentation disorders
- Improvement of acne

The REVIDERM product line with microdermabrasion

70 Min. | 79,00 €
In this treatment you will experience the effectiveness of the combination of the most intensive active ingredients and cell regeneration through microdermabrasion. Feel the new skin sensation for a youthful relaxed appearance. Age-related wrinkles are minimized.

REVIDERM Cell Regeneration + Hydrolayer (Collagen Fleece)
90 Min. | 99,00 €
The intensive treatment supports cell activity. The products are specially tailored to your skin's appearance.'High-intensity active ingredients are activated by the microcirculation in the skin capillaries. The cell metabolism is stimulated. The hydrolayer replenishes the moisture depots in the skin.

REVIDERM Argi-Syn Treatment + Hydrolayer (Collagen Fleece)
120 Min. | 129,00 €
This treatment combines maximally dosed anti-age peptides as a highly effective application for a youthfully fresh appearance - freely according to the motto: CREMEN STATT SPRITZEN! Facial features are relaxed,
age-related wrinkles are minimized.

The REVIDERM product line without microdermabrasion

60 Min. | 69,00 €
REVIDERM Classic treatment is a treatment to activate mature and tired skin. Experience what dermo-cosmetic products are capable of "pure".

50 Min. | 59,00 €
The treatment for all men who want to experience a balancing and relaxing facial in the shortest possible time. High quality products bring new energy to your skin.

REVIDERM Eyes - Intensive Treatment
30 Min. | 39,00 €
The fine skin of the eyes is visibly tightened. Eye massage brings calm and relaxation.

REVIDERM Cellucur for acne therapy
60 Min. | 69,00 €
This treatment is essential for blemished acne skin. Microdermabrasion in combination with the Cellucur product line combines a very good result in acne therapy. This intensive treatment uses microdermabrasion and active ingredient concentrates to intensively eliminate cornification and acne.

REVIDERM Couperose Therapy with Microdermabrasion
60 Min. | 69,00 €
These treatments (depending on the inflammation stage of the skin) were specifically developed for therapy-accompanying care for stages 0 and 1 and for prevention in the case of a predisposition to vascularly unstable skin. The phase-related treatment regime can be individually adapted to a wide variety of concerns: Flush, standing erythema and telangiectasia are just as well cared for as papules and pustules in the inflammatory phase.

Cure treatments are treated and discussed depending on the skin condition

Food wrap wrap with viniferin
45 Min. | 59,00 €
The slimming wrap with instant effect! The special grape active ingredient Viniferin promotes lipolysis and blood circulation. The special wrapping technique enhances the effect, tightens the skin and purifies the tissue. The power treatment for your favorite dress size ideal as a spa treatment.

30 Min. | 39,00 €
A purifying peeling made from grape seeds and Austrian crystal salt. The cleansed skin surface allows the body to perfectly absorb the high-quality unsaturated fatty acids of the cold-pressed grape seed oil. For silky soft, smooth skin!

60 Min. | 69,00 €
First your skin will be pampered with a salt grape seed peeling and then you will enjoy an exclusive grape seed bag massage.

40min. | 49,00 €

This cream pack is intensively nourishing and also suitable for very dry sensitive skin. This intensive alkaline body pack is ideal to support an alkaline cure. The acid alkaline household is

Nourish and shape in one pack. Grape extracts relieve tissue, activate fat burning and create a firm, even complexion. For a loss of centimeters and a more beautiful skin tissue.

Grape extracts relieve the tissue, activate fat burning and create a firm, even complexion. This pack serves as a support for detoxification of the body and activates lipolysis in the fat cell.

Experience the perfect relaxation for body, mind and soul

Your musculature will be relaxed. The metabolism and lymph flow is stimulated by loosening the muscles your body is stored with new strength.

Foot leg massage w. foot bath
25 Min. | 38,00 €

Back massage
20 Min. | 33,00 €

Partial body massage
35 Min. | 48,00 €

Full body massage
50 Min. | 65,00 €

80 Min. | 89,00 €
The meaning of the warm basalt stones goes back to the world of the Indians, there deep tensions were released with the stones. You will experience deep relaxation in a wonderful way. The energizing
Basalt stones have a balancing, calming and relaxing effect.

60 Min. | 75,00 €
This wonderful massage is warmly massaged on your body with fragrant herbal stamps. The rapid alternation of warm stamps stimulates the repair mechanism in the body. Thus, cell renewal and revitalization is achieved.

70 Min. | 79,00 €
During an energy massage your body experiences a unity in the course of the energy pathways (meridian pathways). Blockages are released with gentle massage strokes. This deep relaxation massage is very relaxing for the nervous and stressed person.

has been integrated into everyday life in India for many thousands of years. Ayurveda is considered the oldest health teaching.

Ayurvedic massage contributes to this, the physical and mental well-being increase and prevent diseases. Oiling strengthens the tissues and the organism. Ayurvedic massages stimulate the
lymphatic circulation and digestion. The organism is rejuvenated and all tissues of the body experience cleansing and strengthening. The elimination of toxins and strengthening of the immune system is supported. With regular use of this massage, they promote long-term inner peace as well as healthy sleep. Ayurveda is also said to have a rejuvenating effect.

Ayurvedic massages are massaged with selected herbal oils

Abhyanga full body massage
75 Min. | 99,00 €

Upanahasveda back massage
With herbal overlay
50 Min. | 69,00 €

Padabhyanga foot leg massage
With herbal salt scrub
50 Min. | 65,00 €

Treasures from the sea

We recommend!
15 Min. | 25,00€
Before each pack, a grape seed peeling for the body. The loose and horny skin flakes are removed. Thus, the skin is also receptive.

Seaweed body wrap
40 Min. | 39,00 €
The pure algae pack contains minerals and trace elements. This pack is gently detoxifying and toning.

Evening primrose cream pack
40 Min. | 42,00 €
Evening primrose cream pack counteracts the aging process of the skin. It has a cell-activating, invigorating and at the same time very strong refatting and moisturizing effect.

Hamam treatment "Aladdin" The enchantment of 1001 nights
Combined with aroma oil partial body massage
60 Min. | 69,00 €

Combined with aroma oil full body massage
80 Min. | 89,00 €

Hamam soap foam massage with sisal peeling and coconut oil papaya
55 Min. | 70,00 €

An old hamam wisdom:
"With every burst bubble, a worry also vanishes into thin air." Visiting a hamam increases subjective well-being. It can counteract muscle tension, purify the body, prevent skin aging and stimulate blood circulation.

Hair removal with sugar paste the so-called sugaring is the new trend in hair removal. Forget shaving or waxing and get excited about this new treatment offer.

Armpit 15 Min. | 19,00 €
Arms complete 20 Min. | 29,00 €
Legs complete 60 min. | 59,00 €
Lower leg 30 Min. | 35,00 €
Bikini Zone 15 Min. | 19,00 €
Intimate complete 30 Min. | 35,00 €

Armpit 15 Min. | 19,00 €
Legs complete 60 Min. | 59,00 €
Back 50 Min. | 59,00 €
Chest area 40 Min. | 49,00 €

60 Min. | 69,00 €
Enjoy pampering yourself with your pampered friends.

This treatment accustoms you with:

  • Foot bath or hand bath
  • Peeling for feet or hands
  • Manicure or pedicure
  • Anti-age cream pack with kerosene wax pack
  • Hand massage or foot massage

Individual applications

Nail polish
15 Min. | 15,00 €

Eyelash Dye

15 Min. | 15,00 €

Brows dye
10 Min. | 8,00 €

For our kids we use only natural products.

Small facial treatment
30 Min. | 35,00 €

Manicure with varnish (on request)

15 Min. | 19,00 €

Chocolate package

30 Min. | 39,00 €

Massage for legs and back

30 Min. | 39,00 €

1x full body massage time with your partner (50 min)
exclusively in our VINO Hütt'n

1x bath in the couples whirlpool (30 min)

Relaxing in the VINO Better'l with snack (30 min)

120 min for 179,00 € (price for 2 persons)

Payment methods:

We accept EC and credit card, VAT. of 19% is included in the price.

Cancellation for hotel guests and external guests:

In case of cancellation of the appointment on the day of treatment up to 2 hours before the treatment, 50% of the purchase price is to be paid.
In case of cancellation 2 hours or less before the treatment, 100% of the purchase price is to be paid.