Joseph Naus Stub’n & Zugspitz Stad’l

Welcome to Garmisch’s freshest and most imaginative cuisine!

Let yourself be enchanted by chef Georg Strohmeyer and his team. The firm credo and the declared goal is to use creative, imaginative and local dishes to make the most of what the region and its nature have to offer.

So we buy our vegetables at the “Garden Eden” from Ohlstadt and our meat at the butcher Haller from Murnau. The freshwater fish are sourced from the Upper Bavarian and Tyrolean lakes.
Our service provides a suitable wine consultation to our dishes.

We look forward to you!

Opening times

Joseph Naus Stub’n:
Full menu from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. daily.

Zugspitz Stad`l:
12 p.m. – 12 a.m. daily,

Small menu: 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Sundays and holidays: 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. (full menuj)

Phone: +498821 9010

Table reservation

Sie möchten ein Fest bei uns feiern. Hier geht es zu den Räumlichkeiten.

Regionality, freshness and “That“ something special. We wish to honor this commitment and bring it closer to you!
Try the rich facets of Zugspitz area with products from regional delivers as Pork and veal meat from Garmisch and Uffing, fish from Klais, Vegetables and herbs from Garten Eden-Ohlstadt, and classics around the world!

You can put your own Menu together!

3-courses menu € 37,00 | 4-courses menu € 45,00 | 5-courses menu € 55,00


Carpaccio of willow ox
Parmesan cheese | salad | bread chip | olive oil | sea salt
€ 16,00

Tartar of Klais trout
Crème fraîche | apple-leeksalad | horseradish
Dark bread
€ 13,50


Parsnip cream soup
Apple chip | parslay oil
€  8,50

Turnip apple cream soup
Veal ham
€  8,50


Truffled pyramid cake
“Teltower” turnip | purple carrot
€ 15,50

Leaf salad | pickled vegetables
Garden radish-pesto
€ 12,00


Poached filet from skrei
Watercress | red beetroot | belugalentil tatar
€ 25,00


Saddle from “Garmischer” pork
Topinambur-mash | portwine-shallot
Black caraway
€ 22,00

“Murnau-Werdenfelser” steak from beef “Strindberg” style
Fried potatos | ovenvegetables
€ 30,00


Crème Brûlèe
Tahiti-vanilla | orange | chocolate ice cream
€  8,50

Mousse au chocolat
Mango sorbet | crispy hip
€  9,00