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bonusprogrammProfessional standard and electric bikes
ISituated in the heart of this spa resort at an altitude of 725 metres above sea level where the climate is particularly healthy, the Hotel Zugspitze has much to offer all those who enjoys holidaying in the mountains, whether nature enthusiasts, fitness fans, spa aficionados or families.
The region around the 2,962 high Zugspitze mountain is a top destination for all lovers of outdoor sports and nature and has some of the best mountain biking terrain in the Alps to offer. However, whilst some people prefer to experience nature by cycling through fragrant mountain meadows and shady forests, others need the adrenaline kick of racing down steep hills. Garmisch-Partenkirchen has it all. Professional cyclists, mountain biking fans and those who simply cycle for pleasure alike will find an excellently signposted route network totalling 453 kilometres, including over a dozen challenging mountain biking trails. Numerous Alpine hut restaurants and other culinary establishments offer plenty of refreshments along the way.