Weather in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Last update: 31.10.2014

  • 01.11.2014
    Temperature 4°C/39°F
    Sunshine 70%
    Freezing level 3000
  • 01.11.2014
    Temperature 13°C/55°F
    Sunshine 90%
    Freezing level 3400
  • 02.11.2014

    Temperature 12°C/54°F
    Sunshine 90%
    Freezing level 3200
  • 03.11.2014

    Temperature 12°C/54°F
    Sunshine 80%
    Freezing level 2900
  • Trend

    Freezing level
  • Forecast
    Today, we can raise our expectations of the weather! After the dissipation of the few, scattered fog patches, the sun will blaze down all day from a blue sky.
  • Trend
    The weather over the next few days will be influenced by high pressure and a warm and dry southerly air flow. Sunday will be mostly cloudless. On Monday, banks of clouds may pass over our region.