Weather in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Last update: 30.06.2016

  • 01.07.2016
    Temperature 14°C/57°F
    Sunshine 60%
    Freezing level 3600
  • 01.07.2016
    Temperature 23°C/73°F
    Sunshine 40%
    Freezing level 4000
  • 02.07.2016

    Temperature 21°C/70°F
    Sunshine 50%
    Freezing level 3800
  • 03.07.2016

    Temperature 19°C/66°F
    Sunshine 70%
    Freezing level 3700
  • Trend

    Freezing level
  • Forecast
    Friday morning, in particular, will bring pleasant conditions and we will see a sunny first half of the day. In the afternoon, cumulus cloud may lead to thunderstorms.
  • Trend
    Showers or thunderstorms will bring a temporary drop in temperature on Saturday. On Sunday the weather will improve again and we will see a return to sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures.