Weather in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Last update: 21.12.2014

  • 22.12.2014
    Temperature -1°C/30°F
    Sunshine 80%
    Freezing level 0
  • 22.12.2014
    Temperature 8°C/46°F
    Sunshine 80%
    Freezing level 2600
  • 23.12.2014

    Temperature 10°C/50°F
    Sunshine 90%
    Freezing level 3100
  • 24.12.2014

    Temperature 7°C/45°F
    Sunshine 70%
    Freezing level 2500
  • Trend

    Freezing level
  • Forecast
    After the sun’s comeback yesterday, we don’t have to worry about too little sunshine today! A strong high pressure area will bring blue sky with only few innocent cirrus clouds. They are most commonly generated through rising currents of warm air.
  • Trend
    For Tuesday no significant changes are expected. What will the weather be like on Christmas Eve? Christmas Eve will bring us dry, cloudy and mild weather. Then we will see unstable weather with dropping temperatures.