Weather in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Last update: 24.10.2014

  • 24.10.2014
    Temperature 4°C/39°F
    Sunshine 60%
    Freezing level 2100
  • 24.10.2014
    Temperature 13°C/55°F
    Sunshine 70%
    Freezing level 3100
  • 25.10.2014

    Temperature 15°C/59°F
    Sunshine 80%
    Freezing level 3300
  • 26.10.2014

    Temperature 16°C/61°F
    Sunshine 80%
    Freezing level 3400
  • Trend

    Freezing level
  • Forecast
    In the morning, we will still have to deal with some patches of ground mist and low stratus which will, however, not produce any precipitation. During the late morning, the sun will break through at times and ensure quite nice weather all day.
  • Trend
    The trend is positive: It will be bright with temperatures still rising.