Weather in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Last update: 26.04.2015

  • 26.04.2015
    Temperature 10°C/50°F
    Sunshine 70%
    Freezing level 2400
  • 26.04.2015
    Temperature 15°C/59°F
    Sunshine 60%
    Freezing level 2600
  • 27.04.2015

    Temperature 16°C/61°F
    Sunshine 50%
    Freezing level 2500
  • 28.04.2015

    Temperature 7°C/45°F
    Sunshine 30%
    Freezing level 1800
  • Trend

    Freezing level
  • Forecast
    We will see a mix of sunshine and clouds on Sunday. Showers are possible in the afternoon but quite unlikely. Temperatures will be reasonable.
  • Trend
    With the foehn weakening on Monday, a few showers will develop on the south side of the Alps. The weather will then become cool for a short time.